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Tingyu Hu, aka “Alice’s Brain” is a project, designer, and multi-media artist. Based in New York, she specializes in costumes, wearable art, textile design, and artist’s book. 


She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2020 with a fashion design background. During her student era, working as an assistant at Vera Wang and Anna Sui shaped her path to combine couture techniques into her apparel works. Besides clothing, she uses textile as a narrative for multi-media artworks to build up an escapism outlook in her head. 


She aims to focus on breaking the edge of reality and romanticism utopian world. “Alice’s Brain” is an idea that was born in 2012. From the deep within, she wishes to keep imaginative and adventurous like Alice in ‘Alice's Adventure in Wonderland'.

With an affinity with pure aestheticism, Tingyu builds up her aesthetic utopia with nature, historical fashion, eerie pre-war art, music, and literature that empathizes with her inner world. She treats art as a way of catharsis to rehab and calms both her physical and mental identity. 


Tingyu is seeking opportunities to lead her to a career in film, stage, and multi-media art.

Art, design, literature.

Costume, ready-to-wear, textile.


Instagram: @dollylikeingenue

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