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What would it look like if clothes become the canvas or the carrier of a concept lingering in her mind? Absorbing the bizarreness and emptiness of space from surrealism art and the delicacy of the ballerina, Tingyu treated her garments as 'paintings'; while combining the functionality of clothing. Layering and crafts like silkscreen and hand-embroidery are widely used in this project. Three points for this collection are 'illusion', 'space and shadow', and 'contrast between structure and softness'.

Giorgio De Chirico, 'Blood of a Poet' and classical ballet are the three major inspirations. By observing works by De Chirico, Tingyu captures the contrast of brightness and shadow, enormous environment and tiny figures, and unlimited extension of the space even she becomes a part of the painting. 'Blood of a Poet' emphasizes the theme of ‘labyrinthine'. The dreamlike quirkiness of the movie inspires her to replace the main character with a ballerina. Everything in this project is the reflection of her vision.

Photography&Retouch: Sha Luo @rosa_luoshahaha

Design&Styling: Tingyu Hu (Alice's Brain) @dollylikeingenue

Model: PJ @panpj

Makeup: Shiyao Liu @shiyao.miya

Lighting Assistants: Gianna Chun @gi.annachun, Xiang Cheng @chenghotel

Special Thanks: 19 @19xix19

Location: @mikspace

All garments and props are from Tingyu Hu.

_______________________________________________________.Alice's Brain.________________________________________________________

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